New Beginnings.

It’s all started September 28, 2018 when my girlfriend( now wife) joined the Navy. Her shipped out date was set for February 13, 2018. We still had a few months left to enjoy each other. I was so excited for her. But ultimately PROUD!

Rae’s swear in.
Our last hug.

It has only been five days since she has left to boot camp and honestly it’s the hardest thing I think her and i have ever been through. I had no idea what to expect. It’s only been five days, FIVE DAYS(going a bit crazy here) and I miss her like crazy. I already knew that she wouldn’t been able to call me or text, but only write me letters. I’m thinking to myself well maybe it would be easier because I won’t hear her voice and cry, but nope! No matter what it’s hard.  I’m just waiting for her first letter with so much anticipation. I have no idea what to do with myself. I figured I would write a blog since it will help me kill time, maybe help me be less lonely with my thoughts and share my experience. I give couples that have gone through since so much props because this isn’t easy. This isn’t a new job for her, it’s a whole new life. A whole new life that I would also have to get used to. I know this is what she wanted for herself and I for stability and a better life.

The life that her and I have built together in the last 4 years has been pretty great and this is just another chapter in our lives. I can’t wait to share more of this journey with you guys. Let’s see what the next couple of weeks hold.

I miss you, my love.

Her last text when she arrived at ORD.